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  • Capacity

    • 50 kg up to 300 kg

  • Motor

    • Italian induction motor

    • Italian gearbox

    • Fuji Inverter

  • Car and Door

    • Stainless steel car

    • Door made by stainless steel

  • Options

    • Moveable Shelving

    • Car lighting

    • Up and down indication


Practical and easy to use
Robust and compact design
Custom built
Quiet Operation

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we can provide dumbwaiters for restaurants, hotels, offices, banks, hospitals, clinics, industrial areas, villas, duplex flats, shops, supermarkets etc. Basically our Lift Dumbwaiter is a custom-made dumbwaiter that would suit your projects and is safe, elegant, compact in design, easy to use, reliable and stainless steel cabin equipped. It supports up to 300 kg of goods, items and packages.


dumbwaiter elevator

From dumbwaiters in restaurants to small goods lifts in banks or retail stores, we have the solution for you. Dumbwaiter is a right choice to solve problem of lifting food or stuff. 

Extremely compact for all situations: hotel, restaurants, private houses, pharmacies, ship or yacht.

Lift with pre-cabled electrical components and pre-assembled mechanical parts for rapid installation.

for this reason the dumbwaiter should be pre ordered but don't worry! its not going to take more time just call our tech group and they will help you.

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