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Permanent synchronous gear-less passenger elevator applies the most advanced microprocessor control and drive technology from Germany. Complete computer intelligent integrated control system is applied to realize multi-computer, modularity & networked control. The application of permanent synchronous gear-less traction machine has broken the traditional gear traction drive method. It is widely installed at commercial building, office building and especially for the buildings without design of machine room. It saves both building space and building material as well as it reduces consumption. In addition to the advantages of advanced passenger and residential elevator, permanent magnetic synchronous series elevator has the following advantages:

The elevator is integrated with architecture: the convenience of the elevator and the building design are integrated with no machine room and no-load.

Saving building costs: the elevator saves construction time, materials and costs; The smooth delivery procedure and efficient installation method ensure the rapid project progress, which makes the elevator project no longer a key issue affecting the project process.

Perfect architectural style: machine room-less elevator only need an independent space - shaft way and it’s the origin of the name It also could help designers and developers to use and save space effectively.

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