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Platform Lift


  • Capacity

    • 50 kg up to 350 kg

  • Motor

    • Italian induction motor

    • Italian gearbox

    • Fuji Inverter

  • Platform

    • Made by steel covered by stainless steel

    • Rail covered by designed stainless steel

  • Options

    • Sensor behind the platform for safety

    • Manual Break releasing in case of emergency

    • Sensor behind the slab


Practical and easy to use
Robust and compact design
Custom built
Quiet Operation
Consumes less space


Platform lifts can be installed in shops, industrial areas, restaurants, supermarkets or warehouses and are often added to transport goods, packages, foodstuff. These mobility devices are often installed in shops and industrial areas as an alternative to staircase. Most platform lifts have a lift capacity of up to 350 kg. This lift occupies less space and is suitable for small places. We offer a wide range of lift options to suit all your access needs and it can be customized as per your choice.


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why us?

well, as our experience in some points the space for display is important to shop managers as well as a good decoration so its our company job to think of a design that can cover all the points of shop such as space good view of the lift and safety for labors and customers.

municipality approval!

now municipality started a new rule for shops that they should follow it for both who has the lift and those who want to install a new lift and most of the lift companies don't have the certificate for this, but our company proudly can install the lift for any shop with certificate and all paper works to make it legal.

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super cheap!   our price list is very cheap refer to other brands in uae and the good news is there is no sacrifice for the quality. 

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