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Permanent Synchronous Gear-less Passenger Elevator

Permanent Synchronous Gear-less Passenger Elevator




Permanent synchronous gear-less passenger elevator applies the most advanced microprocessor control and drive technology from Germany. Complete computer intelligent integrated control system is applied to realize multi-computer, modularity & networked control.The application of permanent synchronous gear-less traction machine has broken the traditional gear traction drive method. It is widely installed at commercial building, office building and hotel building etc.In addition to the advantages of traditional elevators, permanent magnetic synchronous series elevator has the following advantages:

High Efficient: Because of the application of permanent magnetic motor, the total electromechanical efficiency of the tractor is more than 90%, while the traditional worm gear is only about 75%.

Low Vibration: the working of motor is nearly without vibration.

Low Noise: Due to complete change of the traditional way, the overall noise of the tractor is no more than 55dB.

Super Energy Saving: it is about 30% less energy than the traditional worm and worm hauling machine, for example, 1.0m/s, the traditional tractor power needs 11kw, and the permanent magnet synchronous gear-less tractor is only 6.7 kw for 100 kg load.

Humanized Design: with multi-function LCD screen and Chinese interface, the elevator safe operation quality all public and could be understood by everyone.All hidden dangers could be targeted quickly.

Free of maintenance: No lubrication is required for permanent magnet synchronous tractor . Without environmental pollution, it is  green elevator truly;

Small start current: only 1.5 times of the rated current is required.

Intelligent: with variable frequency drive control & variable frequency variable voltage speed adjustment, the operation is reliable & high accurate. THE running is in the synchronous state and the conversion rate is zero In this way, the operation precision is promoted greatly.

Delicate structure: the appearance is beautiful.Rotor & brake the adopted together. the machine body is compact & small. It’s light and installed convenient.Rear mounted turning gear solved the  problems of structure and appearance which shows humanized design concept.

Saving building cost: the machine room area is only 50% of the ordinary elevator room. It can be the same size as the shaft way size, so that the building space and building materials can be greatly saved. At the same time, the effective area of the building is increased and the design freedom of building aesthetics is improved greatly.

Prevent electromagnetic interference: avoid electromagnetic pollution.


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