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Small Machine Room Passenger Elevator

Winning with small machine room

More economical choice

The control box inside the machine room is designed to the layout with single face inspection & reparing. One shared beam instead of two separated is used for both load bearing and rope fastening. Small machine room passenger elevator occupies only 65%~70% space of traditional machine room. The intensive space effect gives architect more design room and the space utilization rate is enlarged so that the shaft way space utilization could be intergrated together with architectural style perfectly.

It greatly saves the space

The compact permanent magnetic synchronous gear-less main tractor resaerves more space inside of machine romm. Much smaller crane is needed when lift and install such light main tractor from the top of building. What is more, it could even be lifted inside shaft way directly.


In order to save building space & expand the space utilization rate, make operation more sensitive and reliable, make building more elegant and beautiful, compact and intensive type of permanent magnetic synchronous gear-less main tractor and special designed control box are applied on small room passenger elevator to make the machine room area is the same the shaft way area completely.


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